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In which things become a little absurd

G is for Golf, played in our Wellies
G is for Golf
Every July, at low tide, teams go out to the mudflats and golf. We call it Intertidal Golf. It was pretty awesome, guys.

H is for House, built for the fairies
H for House
One day, I came upon this little house at the park. The residents here seem very kind to the Good People.

Yesterday, I spent an hour of my day putting stickers on to things. It made my inner six year old happy.
Today was may last day at work.
Tomorrow, I will return to the Fair City.


Green things
E is for Ent, guarding these logs

E for Ent

The surrounding coastal temperate rainforest is ancient... and always listening.

F is for Frog Pond, without any frogs

F for frog pond

No frogs here.

These are things I see on my weekly trip to the general store.

MOAR Letters
C is for Card Catalogue, for days without power

C is for Card Catalogue

No worries, we always have power since we have our own generators. And the catalogue is kept safely in on the Internet, as is announced on the blue sign sitting atop of it, which reads: "In times of power 'onnage,' the library catalogue is accesible online via the BMSC website"

D is for Deer, nomming on flowers

D for Deer

On Saturday, I spent a very soothing fifteen minutes watching a family of deer (including a baaaaaaaaaby!fawn) eating the grass. I was watching them from the front steps of my house.

In which I recite the Alphabet (A series)
Hello everyone!! Here are some photos from the Edge of the World....

A is for Avis, postmaster's daugter.
A is for Avis

This is a plaque displayed on a bench that faces out to the Sound. It is a lovely spot. I have discovered it is one of the two places on site where I can get cell reception - as I called my sister from this bench on my second day here.

B is for Bluebells, in breeze all a-flutter.
B is for Bluebells

These flowers used to carpet the lawns outside of the Researcher's Cabins. They would be lovely to frolic through.... tra la la.


In which I confront The Future and comply
So the other day, inspired by my family’s incessant sober lecturing about the logic of acquiring a cell phone, I went to the mall to purchase one, accompanied by father and sister.

The first thing sales clerk did was suggest a phone with a mirrored screen, which, he said, made it a great one for ladies (what?). Then, sales clerk asked if the choice of cell phone was up to my father and mother. Bah? My dad was 10 feet away looking at other things and my sister is not that much older than me. Stop assuming things sales clerk.

Did I buy anything from this sales clerk? I did not.

But the mall had dinosaurs (!) with feathers (!!) that you can control animatronically with buttons (!!!), and now I want to be a palaeontologist. A librarian-palaeontologist, Master of Dino-lore.

Later, I went again to another store were the sales clerks were not patronizing with mini misogyny sprinkles on top. Comrades, I chose the cell phone with the mirrored screen. Mostly because it is a slidey one that seems not liable to snap in half, because this is what I do to hinged things. I also plan on using it to surreptitiously check if any fellow bus passengers are demons that cast no reflection (now that my bus buddy travels to better places on other buses, I have to make my own fun).

No longer Polgara the Sorceress

  I just dyed my hair Indigo, the colour Newton made up.


Thank Zod.
It is finally my sister's birthday. I have been waiting a long three weeks to give her present and she really loved it. Yaaay!!

In which I search for Songs and lose

So, at the wonderful geektastic summer event called Anime Evolution, I saw a fantastic AMV. It involved: Money -- Ouran High Host Club -- Something about a yacht -- Something about vacations -- A song from a Broadway musical.

It was, perhaps, a work of something approaching genius? Maybe I hallucinated the genius? After activating my librarianpowers – and consulting with fellow superlibrarians, I thought it might be this.

I hope you enjoyed that, [info]artemisiabrisol, but "Money Makes the World Go Round," amazingly, is not the song I remember.

This is the one I remember:

"Money Isn’t Everything" by Rodgers &Hammerstein, from the musical Allegro (Lyrics here). But, my searchy powers have failed me when I tried to look for said AMV in the twisty and deceitful labyrinths of the Internet, *is mildly distraught*. The AMV is perhaps part of the nefarious invisible web or possibly only exists in the real world. We may never know....


In other Song news, I acquired a book of Cole Porter sheet music from the friendly neighbourhood public library and so I was looking up some of the songs to help me with the timing.

And then I looked up “It’s All Right With Me”

And then I found a version that seemed to be used for a Torchwood fanvid

And then I saw that it was sung by John Barrowman (bah? thought I)

And then I saw that he has an album called John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter

And then my mind asploded...
I... I am not quite sure what to think.

(eta various clarifications of thought and to adjust a name. I am editing this a lot .... I think I will stop now).